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University of Calgary Calendar 2010-2011 Undergraduate Admissions A.9 Undergraduate Admission Requirements A.9.1 Standard Admission A.9.1.2 High School Students from Other Provinces
A.9.1.2 High School Students from Other Provinces

The University of Calgary wants to ensure that all applicants have the appropriate academic preparation necessary to be successful in their chosen studies. All students with a minimum of high school qualifications appropriate for university entrance are encouraged to apply for admission. An acceptable equivalent to English Language Arts 30-1 is required for admission to all faculties at the University of Calgary. In addition, acceptable equivalents to specific prescribed subjects must also be presented. The Recruitment and Admissions Office will assess these applications on a case-by-case basis.

The certificates below are generally accepted as equivalent to Alberta Grade XII senior matriculation.

· British Columbia

Grade XII.

· Saskatchewan

Grade XII.

· Manitoba

Grade XII - 2 credits in English are acceptable in lieu of English Language Arts 30-1.

· Ontario

Grade XII - 4U or Ontario Academic Courses (OAC's). English at the 4U or OAC level is required for admission to all faculties. A course in English as a Second Language may not be used to satisfy the entrance requirements.

· Quebec

First year CEGEP. Generally, two semesters of a subject are required to satisfy a specific prescribed subject. An overall average of at least 70.0% must be achieved. The Secondary V Certificate is not acceptable for admission.

· New Brunswick

Grade XII.

· Nova Scotia

Grade XII.

· Prince Edward Island

Grade XII.

· Newfoundland

Grade XII.