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The Faculty of Medicine offers a four-year Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours (BHSc Honours) degree and a three-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.


After students finish the undergraduate medical program, before they can practice medicine, they must complete postgraduate medical training. They need to obtain certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (a minimum of two years of training) or a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada program (a minimum of four years of training). The University of Calgary has more than 40 residency training programs.

Graduate Science Education

See the Faculty of Graduate Studies calendar for further details of MSc and PhD degree programs, including:

· The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, offers MSc and PhD degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
· The Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences offers both thesis-based MSc and PhD degrees.
· The Department of Community Health Sciences offers a course-based MCM (Master of Community Medicine) degree and a thesis-based MSc degree and PhD degree. Within the thesis-based program, the student may elect specialization in Biostatistics, Epidemiology or Health Care Research.
· The Department of Gastrointestinal Sciences offers a thesis-based MSc or PhD degree in Gastrointestinal Sciences with specializations in Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Immunology, Immunopharmacology, and Nutrition.

· The Medical Science graduate program offers the MBT (Master of Biomedical Technology), MSc and PhD degrees. Students normally specialize in an area covered by one of the Faculty Research Groups.
· In cooperation with the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, an MSc program with a specialization in surgery is offered.
· The Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases offers both MSc and PhD degrees.
· The Department of Neuroscience offers graduate work leading to MSc and PhD degrees.
· A combined MD/MSc and MD/PhD program is offered under the title "Leaders in Medicine."