Dad Jokes and Dance Moves At The Winter Formal

What do glittering dresses and bad dad jokes have in common? They were both at the most important social event of the season, the Winter Formal. It’s not often that students get to dress like celebrities on a red carpet but at this year’s Winter Formal every guest could have been mistaken for one, they were all so glamorous. There were a few new faces this year as the CFD partnered with Biological Sciences to host the event.



The fun began with a short quiz to determine the most important prize of all - who was first in the queue for dinner. Of course no one cheated by using Google! A delightful buffet dinner was served making it easy to have a festive evening.


Whilst dinner progressed guests were entertained by a rather punny Dad-Joke-off between Biosci and the CFD. There was no official winner but each team managed to get a few laughs and more than a few groans from the audience.

Winter Formal- image3

Following dinner, guests could choose to remain in their seats and continue mingling over a good glass of wine or move to the dance floor and bust a move! There was much holiday cheer and merriment and the evening was a roaring success.

winter formal-image 4