Jan. 19, 2023

Congratulations to Myles Fischer!

Winner of the 2021–22 Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science!
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The Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science. This major scholarship recognizes excellence in Political Science and is intended to help the recipient focus on studies and related academic opportunities. One scholarship is offered annually to an undergraduate student entering a third or fourth year in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Political Science. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit. Preference will be given to students in the Honours program and/or those with a demonstrated interest in Political Theory or European Politics. The value of the Scholarship is $5,500.

Established by Grosjean Family & Friends in memory of Mark Grosjean, University of Calgary Honours Student and 2017 Silver Medallion winner for Political Science. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

I am a fourth-year political science student as well as a born and raised Calgarian who is interested in the intersection of natural resource policy and security policy. My undergraduate thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Robert Huebert, compares the rare earth mineral development policies of Canada and Greenland. Outside of school, I am a passionate advocate for Canada's energy and natural resource sectors through my work with Young Canadians for Resources. On my days off, I enjoy spending my time in the mountains hiking and rock climbing. 

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What have your favourite courses or areas of study been so far? 

My favourite areas of study in political science fall under the categories of political theory and security studies. Through Dr. Joshua Goldstein's class on the history of political thought and Dr. Barry Cooper's class on politics and literature, I have found a passion for pondering the nature of politics and examining questions and theories posed by figures such as Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau. At every opportunity available, I take what I have learned about political theory and apply it to contemporary issues discussed in my classes related to security studies including strategic studies with Dr. Huebert, genocide with Dr. Maureen Hiebert, and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons with Dr. Saira Bano.

What are you planning next?  

Upon my graduation I plan to enroll in a Masters program in international affairs or security studies. Upon the completion of my graduate degree, I aspire to find work in an environment where I can provide insight and analysis to issues relating to natural resource policy and security policy.  


Congratulations to Myles Fischer on your 2021–22 Mark Grosjean Memorial Scholarship in Political Science!  


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