Oct. 1, 2018

CFD Welcome BBQ

It’s fall again and that means free BBQ. On the September 14th, the CFD had its Welcome BBQ in conjunction with the Alumni Association Office. To welcome new and returning graduates, and to congratulate all the students who have successfully defended over the summer

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Brave DGA executives Erik Fraunberger, Chris Duszynski , Nik Ewasechko and Steve Shielder faced the frigid temperatures to cook burgers and franks for the Foothills community. Their enthusiasm for the task was clearly visible from the sometimes large flames emanating from the grill. Braver still were the students who stood in a queue facing the flames and standing in the cold temperatures to get their burgers. The rest of the CFD executive committee was busy helping students find drinks salad and buns throughout the evening ensuring everyone was fed and a good time was had by all.

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Tara Beattie, Associate Dean GSE, officially congratulated Bria Mele, Jiyao Qi, Mark Hofmeister, Tona Pitt, Kyla Brown, Rebecca Lang and Kyle Mayr on their successful defence in the past year. The CFD would like to congratulate you all one your wonderful accomplishments! Laura Palmer was also officially recognised at the CFD Welcome BBQ for winning the inaugural Dr. Jon Meddings Leadership Award, which acknowledges a graduate student leader at Foothills campus. For more information on the award and on Laura please click here.

We caught up with Rebecca Lang the student responsible for the brand new CFD logo! Thank you for putting such a great effort into making the CFD look good! We also officially launched our new social media accounts at the Welcome BBQ. We had a photo competition on Instagram and Twitter. The rules were simply snap a pic at the Welcome BBQ with a CFD or DGA executive and tag us in the picture! The winners of our photo competition were Paul Stewardson and Sabrina Pattar. To get all the latest news and information on upcoming events and competitions follow the CFD on InstagramTwitter or Facebook and keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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