Welcome to the Centre for Advanced Polymers and NAnotechnology (formerly the Polymer Processing Group, or PPG) Website.

The Centre for Advanced Polymers and NAnotechnology (CAPNA) at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering University of Calgary is led by Professor Uttandaraman (U.T.) Sundararaj. CAPNA performs fundamental and applied research in polymer science and engineering. Plus, it has made important contributions in areas such as novel polymer blends, hybrid polymer nanocomposites, polymer drop break-up, and polymer extrusion modeling among others. Our group is highly engaged in generating new knowledge related to multi-phase polymer materials and  the design of products for high-tech applications of industrial interest. Over the years, the group has made relevant and exciting research contributions in collaboration with academic and industrial partners and with the support of government agencies and industry. CAPNA is part of the Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department within the Schulich School of Engineering.

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