Mavis Clark

Order of the University of Calgary Recipient

Mavis Clark, UCalgary alumna, (Bed ‘72, Med ’82), CHRP
Passionate educator, committed volunteer and spirited advocate for lung cancer research.

UCalgary alumna and former university senator, Mavis Clark is a dedicated champion focused on changing the narrative about lung cancer.

As an educator for thirty years with the Calgary Board of Education, she held a variety of positions, from classroom teacher to Superintendent of Human Services, where the education of all children was at the centre of her career.

Over the last nine years, Clark has become a recognized cancer advocate, bringing needed attention to the stigma associated with lung cancer and its survival outcomes. She has thrown herself into a mission to change the public awareness of the illness, making a noticeable difference at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

Her work and that of another volunteer, has resulted in the formation of the Lung Cancer Translational Research Initiative dedicated to advancing lung cancer research, increasing funding and treatment options. As well she established  the Paul Clark Lung Cancer Fellowship, which supports postdoctoral students in the field of lung cancer research. She has also worked with the Canadian Cancer Society on the Lung Cancer Expert Panel meetings and conference.

As a community member, Clark has held board positions with a number of organizations, particularly those focused on women and families, including Homefront Calgary, Prairie Action Foundation and the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. She has been a member of the university’s Chancellor’s Club and was elected to Senate in 2012. During her two terms, she worked diligently to increase the number of scholarships available to aspiring students.

Mavis Clark