Community engagement

We believe that great universities and great cities are essential to each other. We're proud of our city, and it's a fundamental component of who we are and what we do.

Partners with our communities

We were created to serve the burgeoning intellectual and research needs of Calgary and the surrounding region, and we remain dedicated to that purpose. We've committed to a broad, two-way engagement with our community, working together to solve everyday challenges and graduating students who have the skills and knowledge to serve the community's needs.

We actively seek out partnership opportunities with community organizations, not-for-profits and other educational institutions. We build on existing relationships, create new associations and endeavor to enhance the university’s role in the community.

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Our community priorities

Thought leadership

Universities are dedicated to the free flow of ideas and the advancement of society – challenging the status quo for the benefit of all. We will lead public discourse on local, national and global issues. We will inspire with innovative ideas, transform our ideas into real-world advancements, openly share the knowledge we create, and engage others in meaningful change. Our efforts will attract scholars from around the globe to help build stronger communities. 

Cultural enrichment

We attract thousands of visitors who immerse themselves in the rich landscape of ideas, art, science, athletics, and culture that characterizes a large research university. We will make it easier for our community to enjoy our creative performances and visit our cultural spaces, libraries and art galleries. We will ensure that our continuing education courses, workshops, and summer camps stimulate creativity, enable knowledge exchange and foster skill development. 

Community service

Our students, faculty, staff and alumni strengthen Calgary by giving back. They embody the admirable traits that characterize the city – a can-do attitude and enthusiasm to help neighbours. They collaborate with community organizations and assist with shaping and advancing civic projects. By championing and contributing to community initiatives together, we will create meaningful and measurable change that benefits others. 

Collaborative partnerships

We extend the university’s engagement with the broader community through the development of programs of study and research partnerships across Alberta, the nation and the world. Partnerships, alliances, development projects and study-abroad initiatives allow us to contribute to and benefit from a network of global interactions that enrich the student experience. We will continue to encourage partnerships with industry, government, non-profit organizations and our local Indigenous communities.

Alumni engagement

One of our unique advantages is that a significant proportion of our alumni live and work in the Calgary area. Lifelong learners, seekers of new knowledge and innovation, and thought leaders in their respective disciplines, they have become meaningful contributors and active citizens, locally and globally. We must strengthen our connection to this important part of our community to achieve our vision and create mutual benefit. We will develop and maintain an active alumni network, and establish a stronger and more recognizable alumni profile in order to build our community together. Visit the alumni website

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Continuing Education

Through Continuing Education, we provide high-quality educational opportunities to lifelong learners — each year serving more than 20,000 adult learners and offering more than one thousand courses taught by hundreds of instructors — all experts in their fields.

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Active Living

Through our Active Living program, the Faculty of Kinesiology offers programs, services and facilities that promote healthy, active lifestyles for children, youth and adults. Programs range from gymnastics and skating to weight loss and lifestyle change.

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Summer camps

We offer more than 70 diverse and unique programs designed with your kids in mind. From sports to science, the arts to the great outdoors, we have a summer camp for everyone. Our summer camps are the perfect way to introduce your child to the university experience. From varsity coaches to student teachers, our instructors love what they do.

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Olympic Oval

Home to the fastest ice in the world, the Olympic Oval at UCalgary is a world-class speed skating and high-performance sport facility that is open to both elite athletes and the general public.

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Our events range from dance, music and theatre performances by our students to presentations of research findings that have a direct impact on our community. The majority of our events are open to the public.

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Transformative philanthropy

Consider investing in the next generation and see the change you can make. Your support fuels research, teaching and learning, and community connections that can change the world.

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