Field Hockey

Winter Registration commences on November 16, 2021

The University of Calgary Women's Field Hockey Club caters to people who want to enhance their existing field hockey skills. The game is fast-paced and exciting when played indoors. Participants will get an opportunity to train and develop their indoor skills. There will also be some opportunities for some tactical and game play. Mouth guards and shin guards are mandatory. As well, all participants are required to provide their own indoor field hockey stick, mouth guard, shin guards, and gloves.

The program at the University is partnered with the Astros Field Hockey Club.  University members who are part of other local clubs may be able to join the University program and train, but due to league policies, they will have to get a letter from their current club to grant permission to train with the Astros Club at the University.  There may also be an additional fee to cover cost of supplies purchased by the Astros Club to run the program (examples of these costs include:  balls, pylons, pinnies, tape, etc.).  Please contact Verla Wong at if you require more info.

Important Information for Participants:

Vaccination Policy: Effective January 1, 2022, all students, staff, faculty, and visitors to campus age 12 and over are expected to show: 
Proof of fully vaccinated status (approved by World Health Organization) Valid Alberta proof of vaccination will be the Alberta vaccine records with the QR code.

Mask Policy: To promote a healthy environment on campus, non-medical face masks must now be worn in all public indoor areas where physical distancing is not possible. Participants will be required to wear a mask up to the start, and after of their activity.

Participants must not attend class if they are sick, or a member of their household is sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. Symptoms to look for include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell. 

Current Offerings

Sorry, we don't have any offerings at the moment.