Register for a truly unique adventure. Learn skills and explore Rat's Nest Cave with experienced guides on a caving tour that's just one hour from Calgary.

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Rat's Nest Cave Adventure Tour

Looking for something warmer to try this winter? Caving is perfect, as the temperature inside is a constant +5 degrees. Explore ancient passageways in Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore and see large chambers, narrow passages and a tranquil underground pool. Along the way, descend an 18m rappel, and crawl through the 'laundry chute' for just some of the highlights of this thrilling adventure. Course meets in Canmore. Prerequisite: moderate physical condition. Includes: caving guide, coveralls, all technical equipment. For additional dates, contact Rachel:

SRT Practice Nights

Master your Single Rope Technique in a well-lit, warm, clean and dry environment without the pressure of actually being in a cave. SRT Practice Nights are a few hours of non-instructional time on a designated section of our climbing wall. You'll have time to dial in your skills before delving underground—ensuring movements are smooth, fast, and efficient. Prerequisite: In-Gym Orientation and Single Rope Technique (SRT) Competency Standards Test. Equipment is not included.

SRT Standards Test

In Gym Orientation and Single Rope Technique (SRT) Competency Standards Test
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In the orientation you will be become familiar with the Outdoor Centre Climbing Wall, potential hazards and the Outdoor Centre Climbing Wall Safety Code.

You will be asked to fill out a waiver; This is a legal document - it is your responsibility to read and understand everything in it and by signing you are giving up certain rights, including the right to sue. It will outline some of the risk and hazards of climbing, if you have any questions about this waiver, please bring to your lawyer for counseling before signing.

To pass the SRT Test you must successfully demonstrate your ability to;
Put a harness on
Set up your equipment properly
Set up & lock off a bobbin-style descender
Ascend a fixed rope
Switch from Ascending to Descending
Switch from Descending to Ascending
Down-climb using ascenders
Actively demonstrate safety checks

There is no teaching or instruction provided in this test; It is pass or Fail. If an Outdoor Centre staff member has reason to believe you received any instruction less than 24 hours prior to taking this exam they have the right to refuse administering the test.

For more information or a specific breakdown of required equipment or skills tested email Nick at

Youth under 14
Must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a Youth Consent Form. Youth under the age of 14 must be directly supervised at all times by a responsible adult with a current SRT card and orientation.

Youth 14-18
Must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a Youth Consent Form. Youth 14-18 are permitted to climb unsupervised after successfully completing a In Gym Orientation and SRT Test in the presence of their parent or legal guardian.