Our group mountain biking lessons on Calgary's best trails give you the skills and experience to ride rocks, roots and singletrack.

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Introduction to Fat Biking

You've seen the giant tires trucking over snowy landscapes—come try fat biking on some easy, fun terrain on Nose Hill Park. Your ride guide will show you techniques for maximum traction and fun. Whether you're curious about fat bikes, or just looking for a new way to experience the beauty of winter, there is no denying the fun. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, fat bike rental.

Snow Slayer Series (Fat Biking)

If you love to mountain bike, and skinny skis aren't really your thing, come carve up some snow in this fat biking multi-ride series. We bring the bike and a ride-guide, you discover favourite inner-city and Kananaskis trails in a whole new way with a group of adventurous bike-loving people. Fat biking delivers the biggest snow-eating grin you'll have this winter. Prerequisite: strong beginner mountain biking ability. Includes: instructor, fat bike rental.

Open Mountain Biking Series

Designed for the experienced-beginner who has some cycling fitness, this 5-week series helps you develop more confidence on technical terrain. Using a new trail each week, emphasis is on cornering, descending and technical riding, as well as achieving individual goals and skill development. Prerequisite: can ride most West Bragg XC loops in 2-3 hours.

Includes free registration for the Mountain Bike Maintenance & Tech Tutorial.

Women's Mountain Biking Series

Confidently tackle the terrain you dream of riding! This 5-week series starts with 3 fun evenings of bike handling fundamentals, including braking, shifting, climbing, descending and cornering. Put it all together in the last 2 rides in Kananaskis. A bonus maintenance/tech tutorial night is included. Participants will be divided into groups based on skill and experience. There will be no make-up days, so come prepared to ride in any weather. No experience necessary. Prerequisite: none.

Mountain Biking Core Skills 2

Learn to manual, hop, jump and navigate steep terrain more confidently, and find more grip and speed in corners. Progress your skills to perfect your balance and timing to keep the wheels moving in technical terrain. Put it all together in an afternoon ride. Come find the fun in every hill, bump and inch of dirt. Prerequisite: Core Skills 1 or 1+ years experience mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Core Skills 1

Learn to ride swooping singletrack corners, dirty downhills, and challenging climbs! Our instructors will get you hooked on mountain biking. Practice shifting, braking and body positioning techniques that get you ready for roots, rocks, climbs, and descents. In the afternoon, progress your new skills on great nearby trails. Bike fitting, equipment selection, and minor trail-side repairs are also covered. No mountain biking experience necessary.

Weekend Full Bike Repair Course (A, B, C, D & E)

Learn from a professional mechanic how to tear it down, and build it back up using your own bike (mountain or road). You'll be led hands-on through a comprehensive tune up/overhaul, leaving no component untouched (fork and shock internals exempt). The content includes modules A, B, C, D and E. Get the knowledge to improve the performance and longevity of every component on your bike. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, repair notes, and Basic Bike Mechanic certificate upon completion. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased. 

Basic Bike Repair (A & B)

Dive in and learn the essentials of a basic bike tune-up, including chain and tube repair, gear and brake adjustments, and lubrication for maximum performance. The content of modules A and B will be covered. This full-day course is perfect for urban bikes or modern road bikes. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools & supplies, repair notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Drops and Hops Refresher (Mountain Biking)

Ever find yourself wanting more confidence on the natural jumps and drops you find on your favourite trails? Hone your speed, timing and balance with this progressive evening course that gets you practicing how to stay in control with your wheels off the ground. This course is a blast for anyone who never thought they could “get air” - you can! Prerequisite:1+ years experience mountain biking.

Basic Bike Maintenance (A)

Savvy cyclists are self-sufficient and don’t shy away from roadside repairs and maintenance. Bring your favourite bike to our fully equipped shop and practice flat tires, chain repair, and routine cleaning and lubing in this 3-hour evening course. A little DIY troubleshooting keeps your bike generating smiles for miles. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, repair notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Tuning Techniques (B)

Sluggish shifting or worn-out drive-train parts sapping the joy from your ride? Recharge your shifting and braking systems with set-up tips-and-tricks including cable and chain/cassette replacement in this 3-hour evening course. Unlock the mystery of perfect derailleur adjustments and brake pad set-up, letting you save your tune-up dollars for coffee (or bike parts). 14 years and up. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, repair notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Bearings (C)

Dry bearings and dirty grease—all but forgotten until something goes wrong. Stop the grind and learn how to inspect, adjust and repack or replace bearings before the damage is done. Hubs, bottom brackets and headsets will be covered in this 3-hour evening class. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools & supplies, repair notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Women's Series Extension

Commit to the challenge of riding the best Kananaskis trails in this Women's Series extension! Coaching will focus on strengthing cycling fitness and bike-handling skills, honing climbing and descending technuques, and enjoying great singletrack. Take it to the next level and practice with others in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Prerequisite: Women's Mountain Biking Series

Hydraulic Bleeding & Wheel Truing (D & E)

Learn the process to remove air from hydraulic systems on modern disc brakes in this 3-hour evening course. Get your wheels off a wobbly path and make them round, straight and tensioned. A selection of practice components are available. 14 years and up. Prerequisite: modules A & B or equivalent. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, repair notes. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.

Wheel Building

The balanced tension of a spoked bicycle wheel is a beautiful thing, especially when you've laced and tensioned it yourself. Use a mix of measurement, formula, technology and good old-fashioned feel to build a strong, serviceable practice wheel in this 3-hour course. Prerequisite: ABCDE course certificate or equivalent. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools, in-house practice components (hub, spokes, rim), course notes.

KAN Adventure Race

In teams of two mountain bike, lake canoe, and trail run on designated trails in the Kananaskis Barrier Lake area. This is a great introduction to adventure racing because you go as hard as you want to: we have checkpoints scattered on a map and you strategize with your teammate on how to get as many points as possible. Trails are activity specific so you can play to your strengths. Your only limitations are time and mode of transportation. Come out just for race day, or stay for the entire weekend (campsite booked for Friday and Saturday night). Includes: BBQ dinner, paddling equipment, camping fees, prizes.

Race cost is per person. Please make sure both partners register for the race.

Distance: this is not an A to B style of race. Due to the nature of this race, participants do not use all of the trails or get to every checkpoint.The distances of the designated trails to choose from are 5-30 km of biking, 5-30 km of running, and 5-10 km of canoeing. You have 8 hours to collect as many points as you can.  

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