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Avalanche Skills Training 1

Learn to recognize avalanche terrain, understand safe travel practices and be taught companion rescue. AST 1 is essential for skiers, snowshoers, climbers and sledders, and is the first 2 days of 6 when combined with AST 2. It follows Avalanche Canada's curriculum and is taught by certified instructors. Courses start with either a full day or 2 evenings of classroom theory, followed by a field day at Fortress Mountain. Prerequisite: no previous backcountry experience is necessary and you can choose to use snowshoes, backcountry skis or splitboards. Includes: Canadian Avalanche Association certified instructor, AVCAN AST 1 certificate, course materials, use of transceivers, shovels and probes. Book the optional $26 van transportation here.

Van Transport for AST 1 courses

Van Transportation for to Fortress Mountain for AST 1 courses

Avalanche Skills Training 2

AST 2 is for skiers and riders who have taken a basic avalanche awareness course, are comfortable in the backcountry, and want to further their mountain winter training. The first day covers advanced avalanche related concepts, and the next 3 days will focus on decision-making in the field, with evening theory sessions. This course follows Avalanche Canada's curriculum and is taught by certified instructors. 19+ years and up (or 16+ if accompanied by a parent). Prerequisite: AST 1 or equivalent, good physical condition and able to ski/ride safely under all snow conditions. Includes: ACMG guide, AVCAN AST 2 certificate, use of transceivers, shovels and probes.

Advanced Companion Rescue

Focus on companion rescue in avalanche terrain. This is an in depth look at the latest in beacon technology, search techniques for single, deep, serial single, and multiple burial scenarios. You will also practice digging techniques, rescue organization, and searching for a person without a signal.