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Navigation 1 - Using Maps

Learn the basics of navigation including the use of landforms, trail markers, route information and maps. In this classroom course, you'll learn to use topographic maps to read contour lines, identify features, keep track of your location and make excellent route plans before you hike. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, materials.

Navigation 2 - Using Compass

Build on your map-reading knowledge with compass skills. Over a morning class and afternoon outdoor practice, learn how to interpret a compass including cardinal directions, bearings and declination. Through practice exercises, find out how to integrate your map and compass knowledge for effective navigation across any terrain. Prerequisite: Using Maps. Includes: instructor, materials.

Navigation 3 - Using GPS

Learn the basic functions of a GPS unit and how the features and limitations of GPS technology apply to backcountry navigation. We'll introduce you to finding your location, marking waypoints, creating and following a route, and saving and interpreting the data recorded on a trip. Discover how to use a GPS unit in the morning then spend the afternoon getting some hands-on practice outdoors. Prerequisite: Using Maps. Includes: instructor, materials, use of GPS unit.