Yoga and Pilates


This slower gentle hatha yoga class is suitable for people of all ages including beginners and emphasizes alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen the body. Through breathing and relaxation techniques we create space for a more mindful and healthy life.  A fun class with a variety of options for all levels.


Enjoy this lower-intensity, traditional fitness class  that combines cardio and simple low-impact movements including strength, core conditioning and flexibility. Designed for mature and older adults, this program is for all fitness levels and will give you a full-body workout that will keep you moving in a non-intimidating environment


Strengthen, lengthen and tone by focusing on deep, inner-core and postural muscles in this fun Pilates mat class. You'll increase stability and mobility in your spine, shoulders and hips while enhancing your body awareness and improving your postural alignment.


This class will start with a more active and dynamic Yang practice to energize and strengthen the body and create a sense of steadiness and alignment.  The Yin portion is a gentle, quiet and meditative practice that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves as we are. Through mindful stretching, Yin Yoga maintains the health of the connective tissue with an emphasis on the hips and spine. This class will also have a focus on breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.  Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome!


A highly beneficial practice that is available to all ages, body types and levels, Yin Yoga targets the yin tissues including the joints, connective tissues, bones and fascia within the body. A relaxed practice of floor postures that can be held from three to five minutes, the primary emphasis is on the hips and spine. Experience a more introspective journey with a focus on what the posture feels like rather than what it looks like.  This class will also have a focus on breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.


This dynamic vinyasa style class incorporates traditional poses with creative sequencing to allow for a more varied practice. Your focus is on breath, building full-body strength and flexibility, and proper body alignment.


A creative, dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class with an emphasis on building core stability and awareness. Strengthen your center inside and out.


In this balanced class, we will work with yoga poses, sequences, and other health-promoting practices such as breath and meditation in a supportive and fun environment.  Through movement sequences designed for strength, core stability, flexibility, balance and agility you will learn to cultivate long-term balance.

Yoga for Young Adults Affected by Cancer (YYA) Maintenance

This is a 12 week group yoga class for young adults affected by cancer, and have completed the initial YYA class. This class is meant to be a graduation class from the initial YYA class, building on participants’ knowledge of yoga, in a safe environment, to further improve their initial physical and psychological gains.

It is a prerequisite that you have participated in the initial YYA study in order to register for the maintenance yoga classes. If you are a young adult who was diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 18-39, and are interested to learn more about the Yoga for Young Adults Affected by Cancer Study, please email the study team at