Repair And Tuning

Wheel Building

Learn how to measure spokes, lace, tension and true a practice wheel using a mix of measurement, formula, technology, and good old-fashioned 'feel'. This course is perfect for anyone who aspires to build their own wheels, or would like to replace a damaged rim on an exisiting wheel.

Prerequisite: ABCD course certificate and/or experience truing wheels. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools, in-house practice components (hub, spokes, rim), course notes and resources.

Comprehensive Bike Repair Course

Using your own bike, learn and practice the principles of bike repair from a professional mechanic. You'll be led hands-on through a comprehensive tune-up/overhaul—leaving no component untouched (fork and shock internals exempt). The content includes four modules (A. Basic Maintenance, B. Gears and Brakes C. Bearings and D. Wheel Truing) which will give you the knowledge to improve the performance and longevity of every component on your bike. Ages 18+ Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor, use of shop tools and supplies, course notes and Basic Bike Mechanic certificate upon completion. 20% off tools and repair supplies when purchased.