Flag Football

Flag Football

Next season will be Fall 2022

Intramural Sports offers flag football players a wide selection of leagues to choose from. Play outdoors in the fall and indoors in the winter. Teams will be scheduled for 8-10 regular season games. All leagues have standings, officials and playoffs.

New policies in place for the fall 2021.  Please read the list carefully as we wish to still provide you with the best and safest way to play.
-All teams are required to provide their own set of jersyes. (Competitive Leagues) prefered with numbers, this can be a set of pinnies, set of same colour shirts, or jerseys.  Intramurals is trying minimize contact points between participants and staff. 
-Rostered players will only be allowed to register on team per league.  Players may not play on multiple teams in the same sport.  
-Only 10 players on your roster will be allowed to dress for games.
-Spectators will not be allowed
-All participants must complete the sport specific waiver, this will be on your active living profile once you have added to the roster by your captain, before you will be allowed to participate. NO WAIVER NO PLAY POLICY WILL BE STRICKLY ENFORCED

All players must not attend if feeling unwell. 


Mini U Weekly Programs

Mini U is taking is taking its most popular summer camps and turning them into weekly registered programs and clubs operating through the fall and winter. All our programs align with AHS and University of Calgary programs. Participants will be physically distanced, permitting them to participate even if they are in a ONE SPORT COHORT (i.e Hockey)