Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics and help you to become a strong, confident climber on the University of Calgary bouldering wall.

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Climbing and Bouldering Wall Booking

Try out climbing and learn new skills at the Outdoor Centre Climbing Wall.  All of our group bookings start with a short (15-20min) lesson on belaying and climbing safety and then the participants have the remaining time to explore and climb the wall.  Skills such as movement techniques, bouldering games, and even rappelling can be included in programs running more than 1.5 hours.

Bouldering only programs,  technical rope skills, and crack climbing courses are also offered!

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Beginner Bouldering Series

Bouldering is hard. Learn the basics to get you off the ground and working those burly problems. In this multi-week program receive tips and coaching on footwork, grip types, body positions, and route-reading. Each class also explores warming up, injury prevention and safe practices so you can stay healthy and strong as you continue to push your limits. No experience required. Includes instructor, climbing shoes.

Climbing Technique Series

Progress your climbing by expanding your movement repertoire and learn how to focus your mind, improve mobility and build strength. In this multi-week series, our experienced instructors break down movement skills so you understand how, where and why to apply them. See what you are capable of and take your climbing to new heights. 


Break out of the boring gym routine and have fun achieving a full-body burn, while developing body awareness and balance. Each class in this multi-week series is a blend of on the wall fitness and resistance training—perfect for those seeking an engaging fitness option, or climbers looking to build strength to send harder.  Includes instructor, climbing shoes (if needed)

School of Hard Rocks

Looking to break through your climbing plateau? This 6-week fitness series is designed for climbers looking to develop movement skills, get stronger and increase overall fitness. Each week get a personalized climbing coaching and a fitness session.  

Get Active! PD Day

Active Living is excited to offer your family a variety of activities on PD Days! Engage your child’s mind and body through a variety of safe and fun activities offered by Active Living including indoor climbing, gymnastics, gym games and active gaming. Your child won’t want to miss out on this exciting new opportunity to get active instead of sitting at home on a PD Day! Activities are presented as examples only and may change due to availability.

Before Care (8:00-8:30am) F19YCBC102 and After Care (4:30-5:00pm) S19YCAC102 is available for PD Day Programs