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If you enjoy playing Badminton and would like to get together with others who share that same interest, then drop by and register today. You will meet new players and improve your skill simply by playing more. New members are always welcome. UofC students get the member rate. 

New policies in place for the fall 2020.  Please read the list carefully as we wish to still provide you with the best and safest way to play.
-Only registration for individual days will be allowed. This is to follow AHS sport cohort guidelines.
-Participants may not play in multiple sports as directed by AHS guidelines.  They may only be involved with 1 sport cohort group at a time.   
-Spectators will not be allowed
-All participants must supply their own equipment.
-All participants must come dressed to play, as there will be no access to changes rooms. 
-Masks must be worn in all UCalgary buildings at all times, they may be taken off for play.
-All participants must complete 2 waivers, the sport specific one, this will be on your active living profile once you have added registered, and the University Covid waiver, before you will be allowed to participate 
-Covid Waiver link, use waiver F20XCOV019

All players must use the Covid-19 daily checklist. If they answer yes to any questions, they are not permitted to play and must follow AHS guidelines.

Youth Badminton

Winter 2021 Registration will commence on November 16.

This program is a fun way to develop proper technique and learn about the game. It meets the needs of players from beginner to competitive. Each level is a progression from the previous level. Class sizes are small and grouped according to ability. Each practise consists of instruction followed by match play in a fun, ladder format.