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About the Leaders in Medicine Program

Combined Programs at the University of Calgary

The Leaders in Medicine Program is designed to  enables highly motivated students to complete a graduate and medical program degree through the University of Calgary.   LIM Brochure

 Latest Annual Director's Report to the Dean -  2011-12        

Leaders in Medicine (LIM) joint degrees

The program's objective is to train clinicians for a diverse range of careers - from academic medical research to the design, management, and evaluation of healthcare delivery systems.  Trained in the combined degree program you can expect to develop a unique academic approach to clinical experiences, and to bring a clinical perspective to research.

Although the most common graduate programs selected by Leaders in Medicine participants are the seven offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Graduate Science Education department, students from other programs including Philosophy and Engineering have participated.  Two newly-developed Masters in Business Administration Programs have been implemented - information regarding an MBA/MD is availble upon request and discussion with the Program Director.  The LIM program is flexible and when possible will work with a student to accomodate his/her interests.  Expected completion time is based on where you are in either medical school or your graduate program when you start LIM. 

Full Joint Program:

Most common application dates are from May through September based on medical school acceptance.

Requirements -

You should have an excellent academic record and strong motivation toward a career in academic medicine.  Previous research experience is desirable. 

1.  You must apply separately and be accepted into both the University of Calgary's Faculty of Medicine for the MD program and to one of the University of Calgary's graduate programs.  OR

2.  Currently be enrolled in one of these programs and be accepted into the other.  

While in LIM, you are jointly enrolled in the both programs at the University of Calgary and are active in either the graduate program or the MD program.  You pay only  one set of tuition fees for most of the program.

How to Apply -

If currently in your first two years in either program, when you receive acceptance from the other (MD or Graduate program), contact the program office and request the application paperwork. 

Affiliate Program:

There is no deadline for Afffiliate Program applications.   Affiliates are eligible for many of the benefits of the program, including mentoring, travel awards and attendance at symposiums, journal club meetings and social events.

Requirement for Affiliate Program-

You must be active in the University of Calgary's Medicine program and have a strong interest in research.  (Affiliates are not required to be in both a graduate program and medical school and do not receive a joint degree.)

How to Apply -

Contact the program office and request the application paperwork. 


For more information or an application package contact:
Michelle Selman, Program Advisor
Health Sciences Centre Room G341B
3330 Hospital Drive NW, Calgary AB  T2N 4N1
Telephone: (403) 210-9572
Fax: (403) 210-8109

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