Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP)

A University of Calgary led project funded by an NSERC Strategic Grant and AERI with additional funding from industry partners.

Individal Reports

Executive Summary

Geology and Geomodeling


Seismic Interpretation

Aquifer Material Balances

Water Disposal Well Review

Lost Circulation Well Review

Reservoir Simulations

Well Integrity Analysis

Geomechanical Analysis

Geomechanical Numerical Modeling

Risk-Based Leakage Model
WASP_Risk_Model_Version 1.0.gsp
[Note: GoldSim Player is necessary to view this file, download the player file from www.goldsim.com/forms/playerdownload.aspx
Sequestration Monitoring Recommendations

Regulatory and Legal Review

Economic and Cost Analysis

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