GFC Executive Committee Appointment Work - Call for Names


At its January 26th meeting, the General Faculties Council (GFC) Executive Committee (EC) will be nominating for the appointment of one member of GFC to the Senate.

At this time individuals are invited to suggest a colleague, or themselves, for consideration for nomination. Deadline to submit names: January 25, 2022

Please direct nominations or any questions to Elizabeth Sjogren, Governance Coordinator (General Faculties Council Lead), at




Submit any names in care of, and include the following information about the person being suggested:

  • Name
  • Department, Faculty
  • Academic staff rank, and whether or not tenured
  • Confirmation that the individual is currently considered to be an academic staff member (i.e. not a part of the Senior Leadership Team)
  • Committee(s) being nominated for
  • Upcoming leave scheduled?





All nominations/offers to serve will be acknowledged with a direct communication, and all of the names of interested persons will be collected into a database that will be made available to the GFC Executive Committee when making rank-ordered list(s) of persons to be asked to serve or stand for election. People should have the understanding that, if they are not followed up with again, with an invitation to serve or to stand for election, this means that the space has been otherwise filled.