About the Narendran Lab

This laboratory is located in the Health Research Innovation Centre (HRIC) building that hosts the laboratories of the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Centre (SACRI). This building complex includes the Foothills Medical Centre, The Tom Baker Cancer Research and Treatment Centre and the University of Calgary Medical School. We are situated across the newly built Alberta Children's Hospital, facilitating timely access to patient specimens used in our research. The laboratory is in close proximity to the animal care centre with easy access to mice that are used in xenograft studies.

This animal facility contains state-of the-art imaging equipments to monitor anticancer treatments in real time. Other near-by core facilities include fluorescence activated cell sorters, the micro-array centre, proteomics and metabolomics laboratories and the monoclonal antibody development centre. Importantly, the location of the laboratory enables access to well established research groups in topics that are relevant to pediatric oncology, including DNA damage and repair (Dr. Susan Lees-Miller), tumor stem cells (Dr. Sam Weiss), Epigenetics and cancer (Dr. Karl Riobovol) and oncolytic viruses (Dr. Peter Forsyth). Trainees in our laboratory have the opportunity to attend numerous research presentations, rounds and special teaching sessions with relevance to the biology and treatment pediatric malignancies.

Latest News

July 20th, 2011

Poetry in Motion

Dr. Aru Narendran has been featured in the summer edition of the UCalgary Medicine Journal. You can read it here.

June 10th, 2011

Care About Cancer Conference

Mathew O'Flynn, Anjali Singh, Dr. Kimberley Hoeksema, and Dr. Aru Narendran attended the multi-disciplinary Cancer Resarch Synposium in Edmonton.