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Clinical Excellence in Movement Disorders


The Movement Disorders Clinic was established in 1984. Since then, the program has grown to serve a population of about 2 million from Southern Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, and Western Saskatchewan. In 1997, a program dedicated to stereotactic surgery was also established.

The clinic provides multidisciplinary care and treatment for Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, Essential Tremor, Dystonia, Chorea, Myoclonus, Tourette's Syndrome, and other movement disorders.Currently following over 3000 patients, the program is the only subspecialty clinic devoted to parkinsonian and movement disorders in the area. Our clinic is designated as a National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence.

Specific services offered by the clinic include:

  • Movement Disorder Neurology Consultation
  • Neuropsychologic Consultation
  • Botox Injections for movement disorders
  • Clinical Research Trials



We conduct active research trials on movement disorders and regularly publish in leading medical journals. Our research includes the following:

  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Cervical Dystonia 

Our Team:

Neurologists: Dr Oksana Suchowersky, Dr Ranjit Ranawaya, Dr Sarah Furtado, Dr Scott Kraft, Dr Tamara Pringsheim
Neurosurgeon: Dr Zelma Kiss
Neuropsychologist: Dr Angela Haffenden
Psychiatrist: Dr Jeremy Quickfall
Clinic Nurses: Karen Hunka, Robyn Warwaruk, Michele Zulinick
Research Nurses: Nancy Labelle, Carol Pantella,  Lorelei Derwent, Mary-Lou Klimek
Support Staff: Marlene Conrad, Sheila Pinkney