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Bin Hu

  Position: Professor of Translational Neuroscience
  Rank: Professor of Experimental Neurosciences
  Degrees: MD, PhD
  Educational Background: Movement Disorders
  Program & Research Interest: Movement Disorder Program & The Movement Walking Program
& The Neuromodulation Program
  Phone: (403) 210-8640

Dr. Hu holds the Suter Professorship of Parkinson's Society of Southern Alberta, and also co-directs the Movement Disorders and Therapeutic Brain Stimulation Program for the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. 

Dr. Hu obtained his medical degree from Shanghai, China in 1983. Subsequently, he came to Canada and obtained his PhD in Neuroscience from Université Laval in 1989.  He was a fellow of Fonds de Recherches en Sciences du Quebec and Medical Research Council of Canada at McGill University, and in 1991 he became a Medical Research Council Scholar and assistant professor with the Division of Neurology, University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital. Dr. Hu remained in Ottawa until 2003 before being recruited to the University of Calgary and AHS (then the Calgary Health Region). 

Dr. Hu is best known for his seminal work on a number of small brain circuits that matter to humans. Prominent examples include thalamic pacemaking neurons for EEG rhythm, bursting neurons in neurohormone secretion, thalamic tremor cells in Parkinson’s disease, “cue” neurons in sensory processing and non-spiking neurons in temporal lobe development. He is particularly interested in designing new models of therapeutic brain stimulation and non-invasive clinical interventions (e.g. auditory cueing and music) that target essential brain circuits to promote functional recovery and wellness for patients with movement and cognitive impairments. 

Dr. Hu is the recipient of many major research awards from a number of foundations and professional societies. His research has been supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Parkinson Society of Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Ontario Mental Health Foundation. Dr. Hu has been invited as a distinguished speaker by many universities and private foundations, both nationally and internationally and his publications frequently appear in prestigious international journals. He has served as a member of grant review committees for the CIHR and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada since 1995.