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Undergraduate Education in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Medical students are taught about the neurosciences in the first course of the second year of the undergraduate curriculum. Provided over an eight-week period at the beginning of the second year (in the three-year curriculum), the neurosciences component is combined with content from geriatrics, otolaryngology and ophthalmology. The course, titled, ‘Course V – Neurosciences, Aging and Special Senses,’ is given under the auspices of the Undergraduate Medical Education office of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

The neurosciences content in the course begins with a presentation of the functional anatomy and physiology required to approach patients who present with neurological complaints. The remainder of the content covers clinical presentations of neurological illness as well as sessions devoted to specific neurological conditions. Taught by approximately 130 teachers - including 60 from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences – course content is delivered via a combination of lectures, patient presentations, small group seminars and bedside teaching sessions.

The course is developed and administered by the Course V Committee. The majority of the committee members are from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. Students have consistently ranked the neurosciences component highly in comparison to the other courses offered in the pre-clerkship curriculum.

Course V Committee

Dr. Darren Burback (Co-chair)

Dr. Gary Klein (Co-chair)

Dr. Jeptha Davenport

Dr. Erika Dempsey

Dr. Paolo Federico

Dr. Karen Fruetel

Dr. Clare Gallagher

Dr. Vivian Hill

Dr. Alice Ho

Dr. Monica Hoy

Dr. Heather Jamniczky

Dr. Scott Jarvis

Dr. Dan McGowan

Dr. David Patry

Dr. Paula Pearce

Dr. Gerald Pfeffer

Dr. Ron Spice