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Jigsaw Puzzle

If the game appears as a white screen, it is loading. It may take a while. Solve each puzzle to get the answer to these questions. Puzzle one depicts a family of muskoxen. Caribou lose their antlers every year, do you know if muskoxen lose their horns? How fast can muskoxen run? Once you have the answer click to go to puzzle two. Puzzle two shows two reindeer, do you know the difference between caribou and reindeer?

Puzzle programming by Alexander O'Neill(, Photos by S. Kutz.

Pictures to color:

Click on the images below to bring up a larger printable image, get a parent to print it for you and color away!

Drawings by Jayninn Yue

A Word Search Puzzle:

You will need to click on this one and get an adult to print it as well

Marianne, our animal health tech, is given some friendly advice by her favorite reindeer, JR

Marianne and JR
Photo by Marianne

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