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Writing Support

In today's world, having clear and effective communication skills is an asset.

Our services, which include appointment-based one-on-one writing consultations, drop-in writing consultations, the Writer's Block workshop series and various helpful online writing resources, can help improve your writing skills and enable you to become a more effective and articulate communicator in your discipline, your profession, and in your community.

Our aim is to foster a university-wide culture that values student writing and recognizes the role writing plays in the processes of inquiry, learning, and the communication and critique of knowledge.


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Writing Workshops
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Writing consultations:

Writing Support appointments can help you develop and improve your overall writing skills. During an appointment, we can

  • Discuss your writing process and help you learn strategies to write more effectively
  • Give you advice on writing research papers and provide handouts on how to document sources
  • Help improve your essay structure, paragraph development, writing style, grammar and punctuation
  • Provide help with English as a second language
  • Book your one-on-one writing consultation

Contact information:

Writing Support Services Student Success Centre 3rd Floor TFDL University of Calgary

Telephone: 403.220.5881 Fax: 403.220.0068 Email:


Writing Support is not a proofreading service. Although Writing Support instructors respond to students' general questions about assignments in progress, they do not engage in a detailed review or editing of drafts.