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Noorie Jadavji

Co-operative Education and Internship Coordinator
Undergraduate Science Centre, 4th Floor EEEL
T. 403.220.3688


Co-operative Education and Internship Faculty Representatives:

Actuarial Science

David Scollnik
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Chemistry

Ashley Causton 
Department of Chemistry


Kyla Flanagan
Department of Biological Sciences


Computer Science

Tony Tang
Department of Computer Science



Co-op Internship Information for Employers

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Key Recruitment Dates

Job Ad Posting Resume Review/Interview Dates Term Start
January-April February-April May
May-August June-August September
September-December October-December January

Your Student Employee

All Co-op students will have completed at least their second year of studies, and Internship students will have completed their third year of studies and thus are already highly skilled in their field. Some students may be pursuing joint degrees and may be involved in other academic programs on top of their degrees. Before working for your company, they will also have attended workshops and sessions to prepare them for work in their fields. Students must complete work term reports and evaluations, as well as detail their work and learning goals. Students are available for four month work terms, or, with approval, may do their work terms back-to-back, resulting in up to twelve months of availability. Computer Science Interns, however, do twelve to sixteen consecutive months of work, but may split this time up between two or more different companies if they choose.

Co-op Step-by-Step Guide

Register Your Company

To participate in the University of Calgary’s Co-operative Education & Internship programs, you must first register your company through CareerLink .  It will take approximately 24 hours to process this registration; once registered, you will receive an email confirmation.\

All position posting will be available to track online.


  • Prepare a job description & submit through CareerLink . Postings here are free of charge and technical assistance can be provided.
  • Set the salary; this is based on the type of work & the level of expertise—guidelines & ranges are available if needed.
  • Review the applications & select the students to interview. Interviews may be arranged by the UofC, or you may call the students directly.
  • Interview rooms at the UofC are recommended & rooms may be booked free of charge through CareerLink by requesting a schedule.
  • Send Letter of Offer—this is a formal letter to tell the student that they have been hired. Students are given a minimum of 48 hours to consider the offer. It may be helpful to include with the letter a document outlining specific job duties & any expectations you will have for the student.

Orientation & Progress Surveillance

Once the student has accepted the offer, provide an Orientation of the company and their role within it. These orientations assist students in understanding their place and in adapting to the work environment of your company. Some suggested areas to cover are:


  • Introduce the students to each member in the office and inform the student of their role in the organization. Review the organizational structure of the company (who reports to whom) and the different positions needed to produce the company’s projects. Review who makes decisions in the company and how these decisions are made, as well as the management style and communication patterns of the company
  • Advise the student on company policies and procedures for staff and, if available, provide an employee manual. Review vacation, sick and personal leave, as well as any forms, policies or procedures involved with the aforementioned
  • Inform the student of all safety procedures in the building and any safety procedures necessary to work
  • Detail with the student your expectations of their work performance, as well as what they will be doing and provide a breakdown of activities & duties
  • After the Orientation, sit down & discuss with the student how best to document their performance within the company as well as whether or not you will be meeting with the student to discuss their progress on a regular basis.  This is recommended, as the primary objective is to assist the student in learning to work effectively within a corporation; regular meetings discussing progress helps students to better understand their responsibilities as well as areas of weakness to correct. However, if you will be unavailable for such meetings, provide another person to hold such meetings or hold informal chats regarding student progress & performance when you are available   If your availability is limited, inform the student as to with whom they may ask questions, seek guidance & gain assistance at any time during their employment
  • Keep in mind that about mid-term the Co-op Coordinator may wish to conduct a job site visit to ensure that the student has been appropriately placed and that both you and the student are happy. If conflicts arise, feel free to contact the Coordinator to discuss the situation and possible solutions