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What is Nanoscience?
The study of materials that expose different fundamental properties at the nanometer (1 nm = 10-9 m) length scale. The nm scale is that of proteins, nanocrystals, macromolecules and X-rays. (more... )

About the Nanoscience Program
Starting Fall 2017/Winter 2018, students can enroll in the only process learning driven Nanoscience program in North America (limited enrollment).

Program Ethos
Experiential learning both in the nanolab and in the classroom. The latter will involve professor-guided case studies of nanoscience in the real world. Students will work in small teams in the classroom, similar to a tutorial setting. Additionally, all students will get hands-on experience with cutting-edge instrumentation used to fabricate and image nanomaterials. Thus, students will learn by doing. This is also known as process learning.

Available Programs
B.Sc. Minor in Nanoscience
B.Sc. Concentration in Nanoscience

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