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Submitted by tloehr on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 2:46pm

When you participate in a graduate student internship – a Transformative Talent Internship or a Mitacs Internship ­– you need to register in an internship course to have your internship recorded on your transcript.

You need to register in the appropriate internship course and pay applicable fees* for each term during which your internship takes place.

*Course-based students must pay fees associated with a 1.5 unit course for each term in which you do an internship. The course fee is included in thesis-based student fees.

What is the purpose of the internship course?

The purpose of the course is to ensure the internship is recorded on your transcript and to provide your graduate program with accurate tracking to understand time to completion rates.

How do you register for the internship course?

Once your internship has been approved, you will be instructed to complete the Change of Course Registration form for Internship Students for each term during which you are on your internship. The correct form will be emailed to you.

If the internship continues past the add/drop date for the term, you will need to register in the internship course for that term. 

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