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Transformative Talent Internships for Graduate Students

Submitted by tloehr on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 2:04pm

Do you ever wonder how you’ll use your graduate degree once you’re finished school?

Transformative Talent Internships focus on the skills you’ve developed as a graduate student and do not need to be related to your research. An internship during your graduate program can help you discover your options while enhancing your skills.

Transformative Talent Internships are

  • Flexible --Full-time or part-time
  • Open to Canadian and International graduate students
  • Reflected on transcripts as an internship course
  • Skills-focused with learning outcomes
  • Partially scholarship funded

How it works

Once you find an internship, you will apply for Transformative Talent Internship funding and to have the internship reflected on your transcript (in the form of an internship course).

While in your internship, you remain a registered student and will complete a mid-internship report and a final internship report. When you complete your internship, you will return to your graduate program and continue your research.


To participate in a Transformative Talent Internship you must:

  • Be a full-time graduate student registered at the University of Calgary, and at least one year into your graduate program
  • Be in a graduate program that does not have a required internship, practicum or co-op course
  • Have the approval of your graduate supervisor and graduate program

Internships are best taken in your second year (Master’s) or post-candidacy (PhD).

For full regulations, see the Graduate Calendar.


The Faculty of Graduate Studies has funding available to provide Transformative Talent Internship scholarships to offset any loss of stipend while you are away from your program.

The internship scholarship subsidy is additional to the financial support you receive from your internship host.

Transformative Talent Scholarships are offered according the number of internship hours.

Hours interning at organization




420 – 479


360 – 419


300 – 359


240 – 299


210 – 239


Graduate students undertaking an internship of 30 hours per week or more are not eligible for scholarship or other non-internship funding from university sources, including supervisor’s research grants, during the period of their internship.

Students currently receiving other scholarship funding should contact the Graduate Scholarship Office at to discuss whether participating in a Transformative Talent Internship will impact current scholarships.

*There is a limited amount of funding available for students in course-based professional Master’s programs.

Examples of graduate student internships

An internship will enhance the skills you’ve developed in your graduate program, give you valuable work experience for your resume or CV, create opportunities to build your professional network, and allow you to experience a potential career.

Transformative Talent Interns have worked in roles such as

Transformative Talent Interns have worked with companies such as


Do you fund unpaid internships?

Rarely. We believe that graduate students are valuable assets to any organization and that you deserve to be paid for your work. However, in some cases organizations are unable to afford to pay an intern. If an unpaid internship opportunity is deemed highly beneficial by the Internship Review Committee because of high esteem of the organization or other factors, it may be funded.

I’m an international student. Can I do an internship?

Yes, you can. However, there may be limitations to the type of internship you can do. International students interning in Canada must comply with Canadian immigration and visa requirements (see section 3). Students interning in other countries must comply with immigration and visa requirements of the host country.

How do I register in the internship course?

Once your internship has been approved, you will be instructed to complete the Change of Course Registration form for Internship Students for each term during which you are on your internship. Follow the instructions on the Internship Courses webpage.

Do I need to take a leave of absence to do an internship?

No, you do not. To do an internship and have it recorded on your transcript, you need to remain registered as a full-time graduate student for each term during which your internship takes place. You will need to pay any associated fees. Learn more on the Internship Courses webpage.

Can I do an internship after I defend my thesis?

Possibly. A post-defense internship may be approved if completed within 6 months of the defense and before graduation. The internship will be limited to a maximum of 4 months in length. Students considering a post defense internship must contact gradintern@ucalgary a minimum of 3 weeks before your scheduled defense date to determine if you are eligible. 

Where can I get help drafting my learning outcomes?

Try out these tips to write clear learning outcomes for your internship application. Don’t forget to consult with your graduate supervisor as well. 

For more information, download this Skills Internships for Graduate Students one-pager (PDF).



*This project is made possible by the Government of Alberta