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ARDESTANI, Negin Karimian
“Efficient Non-Interactive Secure Two-Party Computation for Equality and Comparison”
 MSc thesis - completed May 2016
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KUMARI, Rashmi
“Analysis of Linux Random Number Generator in Virtualized Environment”
 MSc thesis - completed May 2016
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“Highly Efficient Commodity-based Two-Party Computation for Smartphones"
 MSc thesis - completed April 2016
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“Multiple Ownership in Access Control"
 PhD thesis - completed March 2016
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“Classifying Hyperelliptic Trace Zero Varieties Susceptible To Low Genus Cover Attack"
 PhD thesis - completed February 2016
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AHMADINEJAD, Seyed Hossein
“A View-Based Protection Model to Prevent Inference Attacks by Third-Party Extensions to Social Computing Platforms”
PhD thesis - completed January 2016
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CHUKUKA, Benedict
“The Impact of Ethical Regulation and Developer Reputation Scoring on Information Security Professionalism Practice”
 MSc thesis - completed December 2015
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DE CASTRO, Daniel Medeiros Nunes
“Building Babel - Towards a Secure System through Co-dependency and Diversity”
 MSc thesis - completed November 2015
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RIZVI, Zain Syed
“ReBAC2015: Interoperability of Relationship- and Role-Based Access Control”
MSc thesis - completed September 2015
WANG, Pengwei
“Secure Communication over Adversarial Channel”
PhD thesis - completed July 2015
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LAING, Sarah
“Kernel-assisted Pattern Analysis of Memory Events”
 MSc thesis - completed June 2015
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GALIB, Asadullah Al
“Utilizing Human Cognitive Abilities in User Identification and CAPTCHA”
MSc thesis - completed January 2015
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ZHENG, Xifan
“Secure Distance Bounding”
MSc thesis - completed January 2015
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DEY, Sutapa
“Towards code obfuscation through video game crowd sourcing”
MSc thesis - completed December 2014
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“New Notions of Secrecy and User Generated Randomness in Cryptography”
PhD thesis - completed September 2014
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B. LANGLOIS, Marie-Andree
“An Elliptic Curver over Q has an Isogenous Quadratic Twist if and Only if it has Complex Multiplication”
MSc thesis - completed September 2014
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“Algorithmic enumeration of quaternionic lattices”
PhD thesis - completed September 2014
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LINDNER, Sebastian
“Fast Divisor Tripling in Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves”
MSc thesis - completed September 2014
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MEISSEN, Rebecca
“Lattice Isometrics and Short Vector Enumeration”
MSc thesis - completed September 2014
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“Wavelet-based Recognition of Facial Expressions and Faces”
PhD thesis - completed September 2014
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TALEBI, Hossein
“Confidence-Based Rank Level Fusion For Multimodal Biometric Systems”
PhD thesis - completed September 2014
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“ProActive Trust Establishment in BYOD Wireless Networks”
MSc thesis - completed August 2014
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“Unconditional Class Group Tabulation to 2^40”
MSc thesis - completed July 2014
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ZHANG, Tongjie
“Security Issues in Cognitive Radio Networks”
PhD thesis - completed May 2014
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“DPL: A Data Patching Language for Security Patches”
MSc thesis - completed November 2013
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HE, Ming
“Dependence Deduction: A New Perspective in Constructing Matroidal Networks”
MSc thesis - completed September 2013
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WEIR, Colin
"Constructing and Tabulating Dihedral Function Fields"
PhD thesis - completed August 2013
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SAYLES, Maxwell
"Improved Exponentiation in the Ideal Class Group of Imaginary Quadratic Number Fields
with an Application to Integer Factoring"
MSc thesis - completed May 2013
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JAFARI, Mohammad
"Modelling and Enforcing Purpose in Privacy Policies"
PhD thesis - completed May 2013
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KING, James
"An Architecture for Web-Application Extension Isolation that can Ensure Better Privacy-Preservation for End-Users"
MSc thesis - completed April 2013
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"An Approach to White-Box Policy Analysis"
PhD thesis - completed January 2013
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ROY, Sonjoy Deb
"A Secure, Low Power and Low Hardware Digital Watermarking System for Real-time Survelliance Video Authentication"
MSc thesis - completed January 2013
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"Information Theoretic Security over Physical Layer Channels"
PhD thesis - completed December 2012
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“Towards Theoretical and Practical Evaluation of Privacy and Utility of Data Santization Mechanisms”
PhD thesis - completed December 2012
TUHIN, Mohammed Ashraful Alam
“New Results on Secure Message Transmission”
PhD thesis - completed September 2012
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KHAN, Arif
"Satisfiability and Feasibility in a Relationship-based Workflow Authorization Model"
PhD thesis - completed August 2012
IQBAL, Faisal
“Anomaly Detection in Edge Networks”
MSc thesis - completed July 2012
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LORIMER, William
“Double Blind Comparison: A New Cryptographic Primitive with Application to the Database Aggregation Problem”
PhD thesis - completed May 2012
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JARABEK, Christopher James
“Towards Cloud-Based Anti-malware Protection for Desktop and Mobile Platforms”
MSc thesis - completed April 2012
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GALLAGHER, Jonathan Dean
“What is a Differential Partial Combinatory Algebra?”
MSc thesis - completed January 2012
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