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Gateway Course (CPSC 329)

CPSC 329 - Explorations in Information Security and Privacy

This is a great introductory class; it is a second year course and is open to both computer science and non-computer science majors. The intention is not only to raise awareness about the security and privacy problems and solutions in the age of technology, but also to encourage interested students to continue their studies in this field, as part of our undergraduate concentration in information security.

Topics will be motivated by recreational puzzles. Legal and ethical considerations will be introduced as necessary.

Course Hours: 3 units; H(3-2T)

Prerequisite(s): One of Computer Science 217, 231, 235 or Engineering 233.

Notes: One of Mathematics 211, 213, 249, 251, 265, 271, 273, 275, 281 or Applied Mathematics 217 is recommended as preparation for this course.