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Dr. Culos-Reed’s research focuses on quality of life and physical activity for cancer survivors (on or off treatment). The research employs a “clinic-to-community” model for the development of evidence-based sustainable wellness programming for cancer survivors. This research has resulted in the development of exercise programs, educational events and lectures for cancer survivors. To support our research and knowledge translation activities, we operate the Thrive Program and the Thrive Centre in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. The Thrive Program provides individualized and specific exercise assessment and program design, aiming to enhance survivor quality of life. The Thrive Centre provides a safe and supportive fitness facility for people affected by cancer. Various programs and open gym times supervised by trained personnel are offered for all individuals affected by cancer. In addition, specific funded programs for head/ neck, breast, prostate and pediatric oncology are offered. The Thrive Centre runs on a student volunteer model, with over 130 undergraduate and graduate students trained and aiding in its operation.

TrueNTH Lifestyle Management Program 

Exercise program for men with prostate cancer

The TrueNTH (pronounced True North) Lifestyle Management (LM) Program is part of the Global TrueNTH network funded by Movember (in partnership with Prostate Cancer Canada nationally) that aims to improve the survivorship experience for men living with prostate cancer. In Canada, Lifestyle Management aims to advance the wellness of prostate cancer survivors through the development of physical activity, nutrition, and stress-reduction programming and resources.

TrueNTH LM helps facilitate physical activity programs throughout Canada, including in Calgary in partnership with City of Calgary Recreation.


The RECHARGE study is evaluating the effect of a structured exercise program on the physical and emotion health, quality of life, physical activity and fitness levels of family caregivers.

Thriving One-On-One

Co-op and internship programs offer undergraduate students the opportunity to apply skills they've learned in the classroom to a real world work environment. As a co-op or internship student, you'll gain valuable work experience, make industry connections and even earn some money!

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Download the new Yoga Thrive Youth (YTY) Manual

The Health and Wellness Lab has published a yoga manual for child and adolescent cancer patients and survivors, as well as their families: Yoga Thrive for Youth: Practices to promote wellness during and after cancer treatment by Robyn Long, S. Nicole Culos-Reed, and Gregory Guilcher.

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