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Come to Calgary!

Discover the world! In an era of globalization the world is becoming ever more connected. English will let you connect with the world. Whatever your background, ability, or goal is, our experienced instructors in the highly acclaimed University of Calgary English Language Program (ELP) will give you the skills and confidence necessary to use English in any setting. Let the ELP be your passport to the world.

Discover yourself! For more than 40 years, international students and professionals from all over the world have been coming to the University of Calgary English Language Program to acquire the skills necessary to realize their dreams. This year, let us help you realize your dreams.

Discover the west! The University is located in the heart of Calgary, Canada's third largest city. The program offers exciting learning opportunities on and off campus ensuring the best possible international travel experience.

Experience success at the U of C!

13-Week ESL Semester Programs

In these challenging but fun programs, you will take a communicative and interactive approach to learning English. Each program is thirteen weeks of in-depth, comprehensive English study and is made up of separate courses in Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing, and Grammar. Six levels of classes from high beginner to upper advanced in each skill area assure that you will be in the best class for your abilities. If you are serious about dramatically improving your English skills, this is the course for you!

One-Month Summer Intensive Course

One-Month Winter Intensive Course

Our intensive programs are integrated five-week courses focusing on building speaking and listening skills. Class work will make use of communicative tasks, group/pair work, and discussion groups to develop oral fluency and functional skills.

IELTS Preparation Course *NEW*

Our IELTS Preparation Course is an intensive 120-hour course focused on building test strategies for the IELTS exam and improving knowledge and skills in the four skill areas tested by IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Language & Culture Course

This two-week intensive course will boost your oral fluency and your confidence in functional English communication. An excellent introduction to Canada, Calgary, and the university. The best way to prepare for of our 13-weeks Semester  program.

Explore Bursary Program

This course is limited to Canadian full-time students who have been awarded Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) bursaries.

Private Courses for Groups

For over 25 years, we have been successfully designing and delivering high quality, intensive courses for international colleges, universities, high schools and foreign teachers of the English language.

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