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Submitted by burnsc on Thu, 06/09/2016 - 2:00pm
At the University of Calgary, we formed the Computational Media Design Program to enable students to conduct research at the intersection of art, music, dance, drama, design and computer science.

The Computational Media Design (CMD) graduate program is composed of the Faculty of Science: Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Faculty of Arts: School of Creative and Performing Arts and Department of Art.  Students can earn graduate degrees, both Master of Science and PhD. The research-based graduate degrees explore the relationships between and among art, design, science and technology.

In the expanding world of multimedia and design, there is an increasing need for graduates who can conduct and direct complex projects that combine computing expertise with the creative energies of artists and designers. Numerous opportunities exist for our graduates in companies whose primary business is game design and development, film, TV, web design, simulation, networking, interactive media, and mobile and wearable computing to name just a few. Interest in our graduates also comes from the creative fields of dance, music, theatre and the visual arts.

Sooner or later, our homes become trash. Prof asks:  Why?
Josh Taron, associate professor with EVDS and faculty member of the CMD program, explores creative ways to reduce demolition waste dumped in city landfills

Microsoft picks grad student's video game for release on Xbox One
Computational Media Design grad student Nathaniel Tan’s multi-platform game Alex G Infinity makes big strides in gaming industry
Gallery FM hosts "Precious Plastics YYC"

Supervised by: Marjan Eggermont
Sponsored by: Schulich School of Engineering
Dates: July - August 2016
Location: Gallery FM - ICT main floor
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Notice of Candidacy Oral Exam

Candidate: Amir Peyman Poostchi
Area of Study: Computational Media Design
Date/Time: August 31st, 2016, 9am
Location: room change to ICT 618B!
Notice of Exam
This is a closed exam!

Notice of Candidacy Oral Exam

Candidate: Farzan Baradaran Rahimi
Area of Study: Computational Media Design
Date/Time: August 31st, 2016, 3pm
Location: room change to ICT 618B!
Notice of Exam
This is a closed exam!

CMD Lunch and Orientation

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Time: 12.00 - 1.00pm
ICT 516
Presenters: CMD director John Aycock and the Graduate Students Association
Lunch will be provided, please bring your own beverage!

F16 Course -  CPSC 601.28

Title: Creative Programming for Digital Media
CMD PhD candidate Salman Khalili Araghi
Date/Time: T,R @ 9:30 - 10.45am
Location: PF 2110
Course description

F16 Course - CPSC 683

Title: Information Visualization: Theory and Practice
Instructor: Sheelagh Carpendale
Date/Time: W @ 3:00- 5:45pm
Location: MS 680A