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At the University of Calgary, we formed the Computational Media Design Program to enable students to conduct research at the intersection of art, music, dance, drama, design and computer science.

The Computational Media Design (CMD) graduate program is composed of the Faculty of Science: Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Faculty of Arts: School of Creative and Performing Arts and Department of Art.  Students can earn graduate degrees, both Master of Science and PhD. The research-based graduate degrees explore the relationships between and among art, design, science and technology.

In the expanding world of multimedia and design, there is an increasing need for graduates who can conduct and direct complex projects that combine computing expertise with the creative energies of artists and designers. Numerous opportunities exist for our graduates in companies whose primary business is game design and development, film, TV, web design, simulation, networking, interactive media, and mobile and wearable computing to name just a few. Interest in our graduates also comes from the creative fields of dance, music, theatre and the visual arts.

Posted:  April 19, 2016
CMD welcomes Dr. Patrick Finn as a new faculty member in the CMD progam
Patrick Finn believes that bringing creative approaches into the classroom helps students learn best and prepares them for working in the digital age.


The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
Expo runs from April 28 - May 1:

Panel: Text-Based Gaming: The Joy of Text
Description: Games now are graphics-focused, but that was not always true. Take a tour of retro text games - including action games! - and go behind the scenes to see what text adventure games looked like from the game developer's point of view
Presenter: John Aycock – Director of CMD
Location: BMO Center Calgary, room Palomino C
Date/Time: Friday, April 29, 2:15pm

Panel: The Creations and Culture of Adult Lego Builders
Description: This session will explore building with Lego as an adult. It will examine the design and construction of large Lego models, as well as the nature of the adult Lego building community
Presenter: Ben Stephenson – CMD faculty
Location: BMO Center Calgary, room Palomino D C
Date/Time: Friday, April 29, 7pm

Digital Humanities Workshop
Presentation: Digital Humanities Summer Institute @ Congress 2016
Dates: June 2-3, 2016
Location: Taylor Family Digital Library
Details: DHSI@Congress is a series of 2.5-hour workshops for scholars, staff, and students interested in hands-on introductions to DH tools, techniques and methods
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11 ft. High Tetris Game
Programmed by: CMD Director John Aycock
Date/Time: On Fridays
Location: TFDL main floor
Details: This Tetris game is written in Python and running on a Raspberry Pi 2. It is running on the micro tiles display tower in TFDL
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