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The Endocrinology and Metabolism Program of Alberta Health Services Calgary zone, with help from the University of Calgary, is pleased to offer online health education. Videos, handouts and other resources on diabetes, weight management, osteoporosis, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress (and more!) are available.

 Please call 403-955-8118 if you have any questions about our programs or your appointments:

Health Education Options:

  1. Online Audio/Visual Classes!
    Turn up your speakers to watch the many audio/visual classes online. We suggest you have sessions sent straight to your email.  Click on the course you want from the list on the left.  You may sign up for as many as you wish, at no cost to you. If you don't have email, you can still view all the sessions by clicking here . Please note, these sessions are best viewed on computers. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to view the sessions inside a Flash app like Puffin or Photon Flash.

  2. Online Handouts and Resources!
    For handouts and resources on various health topics, please click here or click "Handouts & Resources" on the left of this page.

  3. In-Person Appointments!
    If you are interested in having your doctor refer you to a specialty clinic for diabetes, weight management, osteoporosis, blood pressure or cholesterol, please click here or click  "Our Services" on the left of this webpage. 

If you are a health educator, please sign up for Diabetes Updates here: and consider visiting our list of educational opportunities here:  .  Please download a patient handout to direct your patients here too!  Click here to download.