Bright From The Start

"No matter who makes up their family, what their culture, or where they were born, Calgary's parents are nurturing our world's future citizens - what could be more important?" - Growing Miracles: The first six years with your child, AB Health Services, 2010   

Bright from the Start is a dream for how we can best support families of young children in their work of raising healthy children. While it is being considered for funding, the dream has begun to move with its own momentum and parts of the idea are starting to come to life. Secured funding will allow us to create a demonstration project to show how integrated community supports can effectively support all families of young children. Click here to contact us or here to find out more about our projects  

Given the critical nature of an understanding of early brain and child development, every parent needs access to information and support for their parenting during these formative years. Click here to learn more