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Pursue a Graduate Degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Applications to BMB are possible year round. 

New Bioinformatics Specialization!

Starting in fall 2014, graduate students can enroll in the new Bioinformatics Specialization, as part of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Program. This unique program at the University of Calgary will provide students with advanced training in the development of computational approaches for understanding large-scale biomedical data. For details click here.

Come study science in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! Research in our department is diverse, and at the forefront of many fields. Research interests span from biochemistry to molecular, cellular and developmental biology, genetics, immunology and bioinformatics, with applications to cancer and clinical research. Our departmental members are grouped into four "streams" with common research interests: Molecular and Developmental Genetics, Molecular Biology of Disease, Genomics Proteomics and Bioinformatics and Cell Signalling and Structure. Additionally our faculty are members of the Faculty of Medicine's research-based Institutes and Centres.

Our department offers outstanding graduate training leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees and postdoctoral training. Effective April 1, 2014, guaranteed minimum stipends will be $23,000 for Ph.D. students and $21,000 for M.Sc. students. All students admitted into the BMB graduate program during the 2013-2014 year, and receiving the guaranteed minimum stipend, will receive a BMB Entrance Award. This award is valued at $5,000 for PhD students ($2,500 to be paid in their first year, and $2,500 to be paid in their second year), and $2,500 for MSc students. Entrance Awards will be reduced by any amount a stipend is over the program's minimum levels.

Those with outstanding achievement or potential will be eligible for additional support through scholarships and subsidies.  

New students may spend their first six months in the program doing rotations in up to three different laboratories, although they may also apply to directly enter a research laboratory.

Calgary, which has a population of approximately one million, is a youthful, dynamic and friendly city. Situated one hour's drive from the Rocky Mountains, Calgary offers a wide variety of cultural, sporting and outdoor activities. Come to Calgary to be stimulated by the science and the scenery! 

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