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Great Breakthroughs Seminar Series


Department News

The Cumming School of Medicine is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Jonathan Lytton, PhD, as Head, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, effective July 1, 2014.

Christian Jacob is part of the team demystifying (or maybe demystifying) the Giant Walkthrough Brain!

We celebrated Roy Gravel's and Christoph Sensen's contributions to the Department over the past 15 years with a reception in the atrium. Read More for Photos

CIHR Results

Congratulations to Department members Jennifer Cobb, Jay Cross, Peng Huang & Raylene Reimer, all of whom were successful in the most recent CIHR operating grants competition. This one was very tough, with a shade under 14% of grants funded. So well done all! Jul 2014

Congratulations to Paul Mains who was recently appointed as Director of the Medical Sciences Graduate Program. June 2014

Prospective Graduate Students

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Trainee News

Congratulations to Bradley Day (Derrick Rancourt's lab) and Kyle Burns (Dave Schriemer's lab) who are both recipients of NSERC postgraduate doctoral scholarships! Two of seventeen at the UofC to BMB students! Way to go!

August 28 2014

Congratulations to Matt Clarkson (Randy Johnston's lab) who defended his MSc thesis "Exploring mitochondrial regulation of reovirus infection in cancer cells" on Aug 25, and to Colin Hyslop (Carol Huang's lab) who defended his MSc thesis "Prolactin as an adjunct in type I diabetes therapy" on Aug 27!!  Also congratulations to both Kyle Sorenson (Jennifer Cobb's lab) and Lata Adnani (Carol Schuurmans' lab) who passed their candidacy exams recently too!

August 20 2014

Congratulations to Lauren Killip (Savraj Grewal's laboraotry) who successfully defended her thesis "Transcriptional mediators of growth and survival in response to nutritional clues in Drosophila melanogaster" on 19 Aug!

August 5 2014

Congratulations to Mandip Puri (William Brook's lab) who successfully defended his MSc thesis "The evaluation of MS4A4A and MS4A8B expression in hematopoietic cells" on 5 Aug 2014!

July 2014

Congratulations to Fintan Stanley and Shaun Moore (Aaron Goodarzi's lab) who both passed their candidacy exams and to Menglin Yang (Dave Schriemer's lab) who defended his MSc thesis "Characterization of the aspartic protease, nepenthesin, as an oral therapeutic for the treatment of celiac disease".

Trainee News: BMB Training Awards

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the BMB Training Awards: Menglin Yang from Dave Schriemer’s lab won the Carol Braat Memorial Award, Uma Rajarajacholan from Karl Riabowol’s lab won the Gordon Dixon Award and Martial Rey from Dave Schriemer’s lab won the Postdoctoral Award. Well done all!


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