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Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 2:25pm

New Bioinformatics Specialization!

Starting in fall 2014, graduate students can enroll in the new Bioinformatics Specialization, as part of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Program. This unique program at the University of Calgary will provide students with advanced training in the development of computational approaches for understanding large-scale biomedical data. For details click here.


Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2015 Advance
Friday and Saturday, April 24 & 25, 2015


BMB Seminars

Martin Srayko (University of Alberta) - February 11, 2015

Stephanie Minnema (KPMG - Edmonton) - March 11, 2015


Great Breakthroughs Seminar Series

Mike Walsh - Feb 12, 2015 - "The monoclonal antibody revolution"

Karl Riabowol - Mar 12, 2015 - TBA

Sabine Gilch - Apr 9, 2015 - TBA

Susan Lees-Miller - May 14, 2015 - TBA


Congratulations to Jason de Koning who was recognized by the BHSc program with a research mentoring award!

December 15 2014

BMB is recruiting! 

Two faculty positions, one at a junior and one at a mid-career level, are available in the general area of bioinformatics & computational biology. Please click here for details

Nov 19 14

BMB members Marv Fritzler and Christian Jacob were recognized last week by President Elizabeth Cannon for their achievements in innovation! Well done gents!

Nov 12 14

BMB is growing! Please welcome newly appointed members Jan Braun (transferring from Physiology & Pharmacology), Doug Mahoney (jointly appointed in MIID), Tim Shutt (jointly appointed in MedGen), and Tao Dong (adjunct with a full appointment in VetMed).

Congratulations to BMB member Jay Cross and his team of collaborators for their findings regarding causes of pre-eclampsia published in JCI!

Please join me in congratulating Debbie Kurrasch and her collaborators who were recently awarded almost $3 million from Brain Canada to establish A Novel Zebrafish-Based Platform for Anticonvulsant Drug Development.

Great job, Debbie and good luck with this new initiative!

December 15 2014 2

Congratulations to Brett Lancaster (McGhee lab) who passed his candidacy exam today! (December 15, 2014)

Dec 10 2014

BMB graduates three in a week! Congratulations to: 

• Abhishek Ghosh (Grewal lab - Nutrient dependent control of ribosome synthesis and growth in Drosophila)

• Osama Refai (Mains lab - Genetic analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans M1 neurone axon guidance and embryonic elongation)

• Sabarish Nagarajan (Grewal lab - An investigation of nutrient-dependent mRNA translation in Drosophila larvae)

who all successfully defended their PhD theses in the past seven days! Wow - well done guys!

Nov 18 14

A belated (sorry!) congratulations to Satbir Thakur (Riabowol lab) who successfully defended his PhD thesis, "Roles of the ING1 epigenetic regulator in breast cancer" in early October! Well done Satbir!

Nov 17 14

Congratulations to Peter Spice (Childs lab) who recently defended his MSc thesis, "Nkx3.2 regulates zebrafish vascular stabilization through recruitment of mural cells".!

Nov 12 14

Congratulations to Tom Whitesell (Childs lab) who recently passed his candidacy exam! Well done Tom!

Nov 3 14

Abhishek Ghosh has been approved for a 1st Authored Research Award for his paper entitled "TIF-IA-dependent regulation of ribosome synthesis in Drosophila muscle is required to maintain systemic insulin signaling and larval growth" in PLoS Genetics. Congratulations Abhi.


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