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BMB Opportunity

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology


New Bioinformatics Specialization!

Starting in fall 2014, graduate students can enroll in the new Bioinformatics Specialization, as part of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Program. This unique program at the University of Calgary will provide students with advanced training in the development of computational approaches for understanding large-scale biomedical data. For details click here.


BMB Seminars

Sam Yeaman, PhD
Assistant Professor, AIHS Chair in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Biological Sciences, University of Calgary

“Local adaptation and the evolution of genome architecture:
do clusters of functionally related genes evolve via positive selection?”

Wednesday, 16 September 2015
11:00 AM HSC 1405B

Colleagues, please join me in congratulating Jay Cross for his selection as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the highest scholarly honour in the country!!

July 17 2015

Please join me in congratulating BMB members, Frank Jirik, Carol Schuurmans and Tao Dong, who were all successful in the most recent CIHR operating grant competition. This one was very tough again, with an overall success rate of just under 15%. 

April 23

Congratulations to Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio and Paul Mains, who were both recognized for their contributions to education in the Bachelor in Health Science undergraduate program!

Mayi received the BHSc Teaching Award for her passionate and encouraging approach to teaching MDSC351 (honours Cell & Molecular Biology). 

Paul received the BHSc Research Mentor Award for his exceptional commitment and support as a research supervisor and mentor.

Well done both - you are role models for the rest of us!

Please join me in congratulating Tao Dong, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a joint member in BMB, for his recent CRC Tier 2 chair award, as well as success at CFI! 

Apr 2 2015

Good news from the results of last fall's NSERC discovery grant competition, announced rather auspiciously on April 1st! 

Four primary BMB members were successful (80% success rate), accounting for 25% of the Cumming School of Medicine's success in this competition! Congrats to Tara Beattie, Shirin Bonni, Peng Huang (Peng is batting 1000 so far in grants applied for - Wow!!!), and Jonathan Lytton. In addition, James Wasmuth, who is primarily appointed in VetMed, was successful.

March 24 2015

Congratulations to the Departmental faculty and trainees who will be presented the following awards for their outstanding contributions during 2014 at the 2015 BMB Advance, April 24th & 25th:
Aaron Goodarzi - winner of the Leon Browder Rising Star Award
Dave Schriemer - winner of the Associate Professor Award
Carol Schuurmans - winner of the Schultz Award for General Excellence (SAGE)
Mike Walsh - winner of the Hans van de Sande Leadership & Service Award
Karolin Klement (Aaron Goodarzi lab) - winner of the Postdoctoral Award
Grey Wilkinson (Carol Schuurmans lab) - winner of the Gordon Dixon Award

Well done all!!

July 20 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barretto (Grewal lab), Wenting Guo & Florian Hiess (Chen lab), and Teja Klancic (Reimer lab) who were all awarded graduate training awards from AIHS in this spring's competition. Well done all!

Jul 15 2015

Congratulations to Jessica Sarthi (Jennifer Cobb's lab), Arjumand Wani (Susan Lees-Miller's lab) and Shiravani Pirahas (Savraj Grewal's lab), who were all successful recipients of postdoctoral fellowships from the most recent Alberta Cancer Foundation Cancer Research competition! Well done all!

May 14 15

Congratulations to Kyle Burns (Schriemer lab) who successfully defended his PhD thesis "Advances in hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry to study microtubules and MAPs"! Way to go, Kyle!

May 11 15

Congratulations to Maggie Renaud-Young (Cobb lab), who defended her PhD thesis "Influence of NuA4 and chromatin modifications on the DNA damage tolerance pathway" Well done, Maggie!

Apr 13 2015

Ben Ewanchuk (Yates Lab) has been awarded the Beverley Phillips Rising Stars MSc Studentship and MS Society of Canada, MSSOC MSc Studentship. Well done Ben!

Heather Paul (Reimer Lab) was awarded a CHIR Scholarship. Congratulations Heather!

March 30 2015

Congrats to Paniz Davari (Childs lab) who successfully defended her MSc thesis "Characterizing the role of Rasa1 in Vascular Malformations in Zebrafish"!


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