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BMB Seminars

Thursday, 16 March 2017
Dr. Marion Langen
The developmental rules of robust brain wiring

10:00 AM, HSC G500
Dr. Langen is a recruitment candidate in the area of Developmental Biology & Molecular Genetics

2017 BMB Advance
Banff Centre
April 26 & 27, 2017



Jan 26 17

The BMB model organism researchers, and Dr. Peter Vize in particular, are featured in the most recent Alberta Children Hospital Research Institute “2016 highlights” document. See the ACHRI website for a complete document or here for Article details.

Nov 25 2016

Congratulations to BMB's Aaron Goodarzi who was chosen this year as a Peak Scholar for his outreach work in the community raising awareness of the hazards and remediation options for Radon gas exposure in Alberta! See here for more details!

Nov 22 2016

Congratulations to BMB’s Paul Mains, and his UofC colleagues, who were recently awarded funding to help combat parasitic worms. See here for more.

Please join me in congratulating Mayi and her phenomenal team of iGEM students and their faculty advisors for their hard work and great success in the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston!

Great to see BMB’s Dave Schriemer’s innovative research highlighted in UToday! Congrats, Dave!

Jun 23 16

The results from the most recent (fall 2015) NSERC discovery grant competition have just been made public. Please join me in congratulating BMB member Savraj Grewal as well as our joint members Jay Cross, Ina Dobrinski, Tao Dong, Debbie Kurrasch, Minh Dang Nguyen, Derrick Rancourt, Raylene Reimer, Tony Schryvers, Yan Shi, and Tim Shutt, all of whom were successful! Well done all!

Mar 13 17

Congratulations to Kyle Sorenson (Cobb lab) who recently successfully defended his PhD thesis “The role of Nej1-Lif1 in double strand break repair pathway which and non-homologous end-joining”. 

Feb 27 17

February candidacy exams: Congratulations to Dan Ziemianowicz (Schriemer lab), Ivan Kryukov (de Koning lab) and Roger Ma (Huang lab) who passed their exams with flying colours!

Jan 13 17

Congratulations to Charlene Waterston (Childs lab) the latest BMB student to pass her candidacy exam!

Dec 21 16

In a flurry of late fall candidacy exams, there have been several successes…congratulations to Nancy Adam (Riabowol & Beattie labs), Beth Barretto (Grewal lab), Katie Green and Rhiannon Campden (both from the Yates lab)! Well done all!

Dec 16 16

Congratulations to Pritha Bhunia (Riabowol lab) for successfully defending her MSc thesis “Role of ING1b in breast cancer promotion” this week. Well done, Pritha!

Sep 23 2016

Congratulations to Arash Nabbi from the Riabowol lab. Arash successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "The role of the ING3 epigenetic regulator in prostate cancer".


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