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World Wide Views on Global Warming (WWViews) is an innovative international public consultation project giving citizens around the world the chance to communicate their positions on climate change issues. 

WWViews was held in preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009.

On September 26, 2009, a group of 100 Canadian citizens met in Calgary to discuss and vote on climate change issues. The results will be shared with Canadian COP15 delegates, and final results from all participating countries will be presented at the COP15 negotiations. WWViews is the first global project of its kind, engaging citizens in 46 different countries, and set a ground-breaking precedent for ordinary citizens to have a voice within global political processes.

Visit our Results Page to find out what Canadians had to say about climate change.

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WWViews Policy Reports and Documentary

Click the images below to see the WWViews Canada final report and the video. The WWViews Global Report was also released by the Danish Board of Technology. Click here to see the Global Report.




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