Wellness and Health Awareness Team

The Wellness and Health Awareness Team promotes health and wellness in the campus community by connecting students to supports on campus to create healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Creating a healthy campus

As a student-led health outreach team, WHAT helps to organize health promotion events around campus.

What we focus on:

  • Educating University of Calgary students
  • Planning and participating in campus-wide programs and events such as UFlourish
  • Offering support for other 'one-off' opportunities such as for alcohol awareness activities, speakership series events
  • Utilizing social media opportunities
  •  Planning and hosting wellness and social events

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WHAT Wellness activities

WHAT Wellness Week

WHAT Wellness Week is a week-long challenge to promote and practice self-care, mental health awareness and healthy living on campus. Participate in daily activities from Wednesday, Jan. 26 to Wednesday, Feb. 2 to be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes!

Below, you'll find the Wellness Week Challenge checklist. At the end of the week, fill out the survey and send us a photo of one of your activities to be entered into the draw. Your photo will go up on our online WHAT Wellness gallery.

We'd love to see you post your challenges online! Be sure to use #whatwellnessweek in your posts. If you have any questions, please email communityhub@ucalgary.ca.

Deadline to submit the survey is Feb. 3 at 11:59 PM MDT.

Wellness Week Challenge checklist

Wednesday, Jan. 26

Participate in Bell Let’s Talk Day at the University of Calgary or virtually

Reflect on your current mental health and do one activity to improve it, big or small!

Bell Let's Talk Day

Thursday, Jan. 27

Eat a healthy lunch

Do 10,000 steps or an hour of walking/exercise!

Friday, Jan. 28

Take a break from work to breath and practice mindfulness

Find an animal and spend some time with it!

Saturday, Jan. 29

Go on a mindfulness walk outside, take in nature!

Call or chat with a friend, family member or someone new

Sunday, Jan. 30

Work out and do some physical activity

Drink eight cups of water - stay hydrated!

Monday, Jan. 31

Start the week off right with a healthy breakfast

Take a five-minute mindfulness break to breathe and be present

Tuesday, Feb. 1

Get eight hours of sleep

Read or watch an article or video on wellness and mental health

Wednesday, Feb. 2

Get creative and draw or write something related to wellness

End off Wellness Week by doing something kind for yourself- treat yourself like you would a friend!

Make goals and plan future activities to incorporate wellness and self-care into your life moving forward