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The 2019 National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is a health survey of UCalgary students.

The 2019 NCHA survey took place Feb. 25 – March 18. A random sample of 5000 UCalgary students was invited to participate via email. If you receive the email invitation, your feedback will be used to determine the focus of future wellness programs and strategies on campus.

About NCHA

The study was first done at UCalgary in 2013, and again in 2016. The survey responses helped drive the creation of the Campus Mental Health Strategy, and wellness programming on campus.

The NCHA collects data on students’ habits, behaviours, and perceptions on prevalent health topics. The survey takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. By clicking on the survey link, you provide your consent to participate.

Survey Content

You may feel some personal discomfort with the content of certain questions. For example, there are questions about such as substance use, sexual violence, sexual behaviour and experiences with mental health issues. Your participation is completely voluntary and confidential. Your name or email address will never be associated with your responses.

You may choose answer only some questions, or you may choose not to participate in the survey at all. If you decide to not participate in the survey, your decision will not in any way affect your access to health care services on campus.


If you complete the survey, you’ll automatically be entered in a draw to win one of 100 half-session massages or 100 Tim Horton’s coffee cards, courtesy of the SU Wellness Centre. Your email address for the prize entry will not be connected to your survey 


The survey is conducted by Student Wellness Services, with support from the Students’ Union, Alberta Health, Student and Enrolment Services and the American College Health Association. This study has been approved by the University of Calgary - Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board.