Drug and alcohol information

Have questions about substances? We can help you find answers.

Safer substance use

Using substances is your choice. If you chose to consume drugs, alcohol or other substances, there are ways to do so as safely as possible. If you have questions or need more support, there's help both on- and off-campus. 

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Safer alcohol consumption

If you're planning to drink alcohol, plan your ride home, and drink lots of water too. If you're on campus, call 403-220-5333 for a SafeWalk escort to the PASS room where you can sleep off the effects of alcohol.

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Safer opioid use

If you’re using opioids, there are ways to reduce your risk of overdose. Taking the dose recommended by a medical professional is the safest way to use opioids. If you or someone you know uses opioids, keep a naloxone kit handy.

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Safer cannabis use

If you choose to consume cannabis, there are ways to do it as safely as possible. Find out more about lower-risk guidelines for cannabis consumption, and information about laws and by-laws.

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