Neurodiversity Support Advising

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the neurological differences among people. Neurodiversity is a strength and contributes to our experiences in the world. At Student Wellness Services, neurodiversity support is wellness support for students and those who are exploring their identity around neurodiversity. Some students may or may not identify with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or learning challenges. Neurodiversity is a broad topic with new and emerging information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic or would like to discuss further, we would love to hear from you.

How we support students:

  • Find positive ways to cope
  • Improve personal functioning
  • Enhance your strengths
  • Increase confidence in your academic ability
  • Make general improvements to your well-being
  • Navigate systems on- and off-campus
  • Access culturally relevant wellness supports
  • Goal-setting and achieving those goals
  • Offering supportive check-ins as needed

Neurodiversity Support Advising at UCalgary

Autism Campus Prep

Autism Campus Prep is an online post-secondary preparedness course written by Autistic adults who have previously or are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program (undergrad to PhD level studies), for individuals on the autism spectrum.

There are nine modules covering a variety of topics that will assist in preparing you for your transition to post-secondary and beyond. Autism Campus Prep is available now through AIDE Canada.

Please note

We would like to acknowledge and respect language used by the broader ASD community to support personal identity, therefore we use interchangeable terms: on the autism spectrum, autistic, and person with autism. It is always appropriate to use the preferred language of an individual when referring to their identity.

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Contact the NSA

Questions or comments? Please contact:

Jess Lopez
Neurodiversity Support Advisor
Student Wellness Services

On Leave:
Kirstin Kot RSW, MSW
Neurodiversity Support Advisor

Students on campus

Are you an incoming student? Apply for NICE Week!

Neurodiversity Immersive Campus Experience (NICE) Week is a free UCalgary initiative to help incoming first-year undergraduate students who self-identify as neurodiverse. From Aug. 2 – 5, 2022, this experience provides students with a supportive environment in their transition from high school to university.

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The Neurodiversity Support Advisor (NSA) can help students accessing student wellness support and support students on the autism spectrum, including navigating on and off campus resources.

  • The NSA provides support to students on the Autism Spectrum as well as students without a documented diagnosis. We will never ask you to disclose or prove your diagnosis.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a disability (with or without documentation), please visit Student Accessibility Services (SAS) for more information on services and supports related to accomodations.

There is no cost to access services provided by the NSA or any medical or mental health support provided at Student Wellness Services.

Jess Lopez is the Neurodiversity Support Advisor at Student Wellness Services.

You are not required to bring anything to your appointment, however your UCID card may be helpful if you would like to access additional services discussed in your appointment.

You can access support by contacting the NSA directly by email at: You simply request an appointment with the NSA, and the best time of day you can meet for an appointment.

In 1-2 business days, the NSA will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments can only be booked and confirmed by email from the NSA.

Appointments are typically available 4-5 business days from the date you have been contacted by the NSA.

Once your appointment is booked you will be sent an email confirmation that also includes a link that you must follow and complete required forms. Usually the day prior to your appointment the NSA will email you the appointment link that you will access at your scheduled appointment time.