Self-help Mental Health Videos

Self-help videos provide information, tips, and strategies to manage your wellness more effectively.


What is Anxiety?

Reactions to Anxiety

Relaxation Techniques

When is Anxiety a Problem?

Challenging Your Thoughts


What is Stress?

4 A's of Stress

Coping with Stress

When is Stress Unhealthy?


What is Insomnia?

Your Sleep System

5 Sleep Strategies

Self Care

Self-Care vs. Self-Soothing

Know Your Coping Style

Make a Self Care Plan

Motivation and Procrastination

Understand Your Procrastination

Your Procrastination Mindset

The Procrastination Equation

The 5-Minute Rule

How to Prioritize

Healthy Thinking

Common Thinking Traps

Catch, Challenge, Change


Perfectionism Explained