Nutrition services at UCalgary

Students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars can come in for appointments with our registered dietitian. 

Nutrition services at UCalgary

Our registered dietitian has appointments available for UCalgary students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars. Call 403-210-9355 to book an appointment.

Come in for expert advice to help you reach your nutrition goals, no matter what concerns you have.

  1. Initial consultation

    During your first appointment, you’ll discuss your medical history, three-day food record and activity level. 

    The nutritionist will help you develop specific strategies to improve your nutrition and well-being.

  2. Follow-up sessions

    Following your initial consultation, you have the support of the nutritionist to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

  3. Small groups

    UCalgary students can share the cost and benefit of nutrition services with roommates or friends by booking as a group of two to four.

  4. Workshops

    Interested in how what you eat affects your mood, what to eat after a workout or how to meal plan during exams? Register for our nutrition workshops.

Initial Consultation

  • Students: $105
  • Non-students: $125

Follow-Up Sessions

  • Students: $70
  • Non-students: $90       

Student Small Group Sessions

  • Two to four students: $150 total

No show fee

  • Missed appointments: $50 
  1. Forms

    Save time checking in by filling out your intake forms before your appointment. Don’t forget to complete your three-day food journal before your first appointment.

  2. Insurance

    If you have an extended health plan, check with your provider to see if you have coverage for dietitian appointments.

  3. Cancellation policy

    Please give one full business days’ notice if you need to cancel an appointment to avoid the $50 fee for late cancellations and missed appointments.

Why see a registered dietitian?

With so much nutrition and health advice available online, why is it important to visit a registered dietitian?


Dietitians have a bachelor's degree specializing in food and nutrition, and have completed an accredited internship or a graduate degree.


In Canada, practicing dietitians are regulated, so you can be sure you’re getting safe and ethical advice. Anyone with the title Registered Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist, or Dietitian is regulated by the College of Dietitians of Alberta.

What can a dietitian help me with?

Consultation topics

Registered Dietitians can help you address your concerns by recommending changes to your nutritional intake.

Topics include:

  • Diet assessment
  • Sports nutrition
  • General health and wellness     
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart health (high cholesterol and blood pressure)       
  • Diabetes management
  • Making healthy food choices     
  • Eating disorder counselling
  • Menu planning
  • Family nutrition
  • Intuitive eating
  • Digestive/gut health

Specific concerns

If you have any of the following concerns, make an appointment with our dietitian.

Concerns include:

  • Foods to lower your risk of certain diseases
  • Modifying your diet after surgery
  • Tips for eating on the run          
  • Getting enough important nutrients
  • Body image/weight concerns
  • Reading food and nutrition labels
  • Eating plans for medical conditions        
  • Improving your athletic performance
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Being a healthy vegetarian
  • Feeding picky eaters           
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Disordered eating
  • Food allergies or intolerances

Nutrition advice without the fees. Register for student nutrition workshops.