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Take the PowerOFF Challenge now through March 24

Pledge to conserve electricity for a chance to win a portable solar panel pack and one of 25 power banks
March 1, 2017
The annual PowerOFF Challenge kicks off today and runs until March 24. What actions will you take to PowerOFF and save electricity on campus? Photo courtesy of the Office of Sustainability

The annual PowerOFF Challenge kicks off today and runs until March 24. What actions will you take to PowerOFF and save electricity on campus? Photo courtesy of the Office of Sustainability

The annual UCalgary PowerOFF Challenge runs now through March 24 and aims to inspire the campus community to conserve electricity.

Electricity usage at the university is equal to that of approximately 9,500 Calgary homes. This presents a significant opportunity for campus members to tangibly contribute to meeting the goals of the university's Institutional Sustainability Strategy and commitment to excellence and leadership in sustainability through simple everyday actions.

The energy-saving habits we form on campus can also directly benefit us at home in the form of reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and utility costs.

It's easy to take part in the eighth annual PowerOFF Challenge 

  • Take the PowerOFF Pledge and commit to taking electricity saving actions on campus and at home. When you submit your pledge you’ll be entered into a grand prize draw for one of two Goal Zero portable solar panel packs and one of 25 Goal Zero power banks.
  • Visit the PowerOFF roaming booth, which will be making stops in high-occupancy buildings, to speak with sustainability staff and student volunteers about electricity conservation, its importance and impact.
  • Visit the Sustainability Resource Centre in Science B 101 to watch and discuss energy-related TEDxTalks and a screening of the documentary SWITCH from 12-1:30 p.m. on March 14 and 24.

Participation can lead to powerful results on campus and at home

In the average commercial building, occupants have direct control over approximately 34 per cent of electricity usage.

“All it takes is slightly rewiring our daily habits and these changes can add up to powerful results,” says John Ho, sustainability engagement co-ordinator in the office of sustainability. “Turning off lights, taking the stairs, powering down computers and unplugging appliances when not in use can help reduce a building’s electricity usage by up to a third.”

In residence or at home, additional electricity-saving actions can include turning down thermostats and putting on a sweater, using cold water with full laundry loads, and eliminating phantom loads by unplugging devices that are not in use.

You can directly support UCalgary’s sustainability goals 

UCalgary aims to be one of the most energy-efficient campuses in Canada and strives to demonstrate pathways to energy efficiency and eventual carbon neutrality. Energy consumption is the largest source of the university's GHG emissions and thus presents the largest opportunity for slowing climate change.

Since occupants can control over a third of energy usage in some buildings, students, faculty and staff play an important role in helping the university achieve these goals. Will you pledge to do your part by taking the PowerOFF Challenge?

Take the PowerOFF pledge, learn more about the PowerOFF Challenge, and view a schedule of PowerOFF events and roaming booth stops on the sustainability website.