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Question: Which of these items can be composted on campus?

Test your knowledge of UCalgary’s waste diversion program
January 24, 2017

Which of these items can be composted on campus?

Answer: All of them! All of these items can go in the compostables bins on campus.

Here are five things to remember about compostables:

  1. Compostables bins are located in kitchen and food service areas across campus.
  2. Compostable food/plant waste includes: meat, fruits and vegetables, flowers, dairy, egg shells, grains, nuts and flour; bones, fat trimmings, oil and grease are also compostable.
  3. Used paper towels and napkins, wet/soiled cardboard and paper products are compostable (like pizza boxes).
  4. Wooden chopsticks can go in the compostables bin.
  5. Coffee grinds and tea bags can also be composted.

Nearly 90 per cent of the daily waste we produce at the university can be recycled or composted. In 2015 we diverted 40 per cent of our waste from the landfill; sort before you toss and help UCalgary achieve our institutional sustainability goals.   

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