The Urban Alliance - An Innovative Research Partnership in Calgary

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Urban Alliance

The Urban Alliance is a strategic partnership between the City of Calgary and University of Calgary to promote and expedite the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between the City and the University, for the benefit of all our communities.

The Urban Alliance provides a framework for leading-edge researchers and front-line city planners to work together to tackle problems such as transportation, waste reduction, energy and environment, youth crime, homelessness, poverty reduction and the integration of immigrants into our communities.

Since its inception in 2007, more than 100 research initiatives and projects have been launched under the auspices of the Urban Alliance.

View or download our information sheet for a summary of key information about the Urban Alliance.

Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets


ACWA is a unique-in-the-world research partnership, tackling global remediation questions that nobody else can. 

For the first time, scientists are working side-by-side with municipal wastewater operators to replicate environmental water problems within a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant. With 3.8 kilometres of naturalized streams, scientific experts in ecology, biology, toxicology, microbiology, process engineering, medicine and public health – along with municipalities and industrial partners – are working to ensure clean drinking water for the planet. 

Great water begins with great research. Learn more about ACWA, an Urban Alliance initiative


Walk21 gathering in September 2017 will discuss and debate how to nurture a culture of walking in Calgary

Schulich researchers at the AMA traffic lab explore attitudes in Alberta towards autonomous vehicles

UCalgary congratulates the City of Calgary on being named to worldwide network focused on environmental, social, and economic resiliency

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